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ps3 to ps4


So just wondering who has done this, what you think, and are you able to still play on the ps3 with your copy.

Don't want to upgrade as my friends are still on ps3 if I am not able to play still with them.

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    Yes you can still play on ps3, however when I did this just over a week ago and then went back to ps4 I losts all my cammo and reticule unlocks and probably some other stuff to.

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    yes you can. I play back and forth all the time and didn't lose anything. Do you have the standard Ghost package ?

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      I Do the same everyday multiple times a day with no issues not many of my friends have made the jump to ps4 so it's nice to be able to continue my progress from console to console and still play with my buds



      one bad thing campaign DOES NOT carry over nor does your trophies so if you far alone on that complete it on the console you started when you sync your trophies on ps4 you will see 2 entries for ghosts if you pay close attention it will say ps4 and ps3 version ( I was kinda pissed about that , but I'm over it now)

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    apart from the graphics there's no difference in ps3 to ps4....the same lag, same frame rate problems and same garbage spawns.

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    I was under the impression that once you put your code in you were getting a digital copy for 10 bucks

    I have to use my ps3 disk to play the game which seems weird to me didn't think that would of been possible