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Squads Double XP clarification please



It states that Double XP is for both Multiplayer and Squads - excellent. I play squads quite a bit - especially to test out gear.

Normally, in Squads XP is capped at around 2000 - it generally goes a tad over (as the last score you collect before you go over 2000 is counted in full).

Ive just just played a couple of matches - score still capped at 2000. Surely cap should be increased to 4000.

Note: I'm not the best of players - but I can't remember the last time I did not reach my 2000 cap. Hence - Double XP for squads is virtually useless.

Please clarify - is the 2000 point cap supposed to remain in Squads.

No biggie, not overly concerned, just wondering

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    i may be wrong but im pretty sure last double xp squads had the cap raised to 4000  but saying that i dont really understand why it should be raised double xp is for specific things and the xp cap on squads is there for a reason

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      Yeah, know what you mean. Reason for cap being that folks don't just fully rank up in squads. Agree with that.

      But if the "rules" state - Double XP for multi and squads,, surely the cap should be raised.

      Point is - DXP in squads to useless without cap raised. Double XP is indeed working in game - as I have been reaching "points capped" much much earlier. Alas, game report stating - Total XP earned -- 2046 (something like that anyway).

      tbh - I'm in no hurry to rank up, that will just come in time.

      Hope your our over that stomach bug mac - at least in time to bring in the new year with a few cold ones

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      Accepting this thread will not be answered by support. I have seen it confirmed in another posters thread that the cap was raised to 4000 in previous Dub XP weekend - so Mac here's 100 points for you.

      If IW want to give Squads double XP next time round - then I hope they remember to double the cap - otherwise it is completely useless, nigh false.