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Pure Evolution Gaming PS & XBox


PuRe Evolution Gaming


Games we play

COD Ghosts

Black Ops 2
Battlefield 3

Battlefield 4

About Us

PuRe Evolution Gaming is a growing PS clan that strives to be different in a good way, and hopes to change the stigma surrounding the idea of a gaming clan by being democratic.Our members opinions count and you can have your say as to how we operate. PuRe Evolution Gaming offers lots of opportunities to all gamers whether you’re into just casual gaming or you want to play at top level competitive, or maybe you’re a budding YouTube video maker or commentator this is the community for you.


~ Apply via our website (no need to visit all the time like other clans)
~ Team Player
~ K/D doesn't matter (Just be a team player if your looking to participate in PUB games)
~Want to compete? Apply and start your team today
~ Good attitude
~ Fun to game with

We Offer

~ Active Leaders
~ Ranked members specialized to help with different problems
~Sponsorship Opportunity
~ Gamers from around the world
~ Maintained, organized forums
~ Advancement opportunities
~ Fun family community

~ Gold Clan tags