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Ban Noob Tubes & Launchers PLZ


I generaly dont have an issue with weapons as a whole, i dont see any issue with balance a kill is after all a kill.

BUT you can tell christmas has been and the idiots have got the game, as i rarely came across tubes in any game, now there is persistent idiots running round using them as a primary.

And even if you do kill them, if they have hit the trigger before being downed your screwed anyway.


My anger and frustrattion is the way there used and it seems like they have unlimited ammo WTF..


This and last nights LAG which was horrendous, didnt change the host and came across as lag switch.

was apparent in more or less everygame i went in its a joke and im sick of it, after how many years and games you still cant balance a damn game ?

While i realise every game is different the servers remain the same so whats the deal ?

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    Losing "B" shhhhhhhhhhhhh....blam

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    Its not about the losing or the deaths, its about the fact this is a shoot em up not a noob em up. Meaning there not used as intended, plus there abused to the max for cheap kills with what looks like an unlimited ammo supply.


    Also what use is there for rocket launchers etc ? theres no tanks etc and if its for helos ? i havent seen one used for that purpose yet .

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    Derp blast shield. Adapt. Stop crying.

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    I love your very adult responce, while mine may be a drastic solution it seems only idiots use them in a way that is abused and unintended so say again what is the point in such a tool in a shoot em up ?


    And blast shield why bother its not going to save you unless your not in its direct line of fire, in which case and generaly i am even when its a random tube over the top of the map from idiots at the very start of the game.


    *Also To Note*


    I am moaning about it because you cant compete with that trash its garbage

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    Sadly, we're better off shooting choppers down with our guns this year.


    As somebody who used to enjoy locking on to an enemy target in the sky and helping the team out this year the launchers suck unless you use them as a side arm.


    Maybe its just me but I have a helluva time shooting down choppers in Ghosts.

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    I'm guessing you don't know much about blast shield.


    How about this, just TRY it once. See if it helps. Also, the trophy system works.

    So once again I say , if you don't want to adapt, its YOUR problem, not the games.

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    Me too, I have one class with a silenced lmg with ap. And of course blind eye.

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    Point in case today i used an assault rifle with red dot, shot the pilot out of the helo, where is the need for rockets as for noob tubes whats there use ?

    Asides some moronic spamming with unlimited ammo ?


    As for adapting i have in many ways and asides dreaded lag and noob tubes i love this game i dont have issues with anything being over powered.


    I dont even care about being blown up 20 times in a row by IED's but tubing is a worthless cheap way to get kills with out even trying.

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    Blast Shield, Trophy system. They don't have an unlimited ammo, you just notice when you die to explosives. Also, Blast Shield will save you from any one non DC explosive. The point of such a tool is to provide indirect fire and bust up campers and fortifications without exposing yourself.

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