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My new favorite Class


Primary Weapon MTS-255 shotgun

Attachments: Slug Rounds, ForeGrip, Muzzel Break

Secondary Weapon: Magnum

Attachments: Akimbo, Acog

Perks: Ready Up, Steady Aim, Ping, Hardline,  Extra Attachment

Streaks: Support Statcom/Ammo Crate


I have been having a bad luck streak lately running some weapons that haven't suited my tastes in the game. I just recycled my operations and I drew quite a few wierd one. So, I decided to torture myself and see how many of them I could do with a single class. I think this one has things counting towards 9 different operations at the same time.  I have been running this stupid mess for two hours now and I have been either first or second in scoring on my team in every game I have played.  Go figure.