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Since yesterday, I have this message when I start the game. PS3 ask me if it is call of duty 4. when I hit yes. there is new message asking me to push the PS button for go to the main menu and under that instruction there is ``fatal error`` and I cannot play anymore online. I'm able to play not online and I already try to restart the modem but don't know what to do

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    I found the solution somewhere.

    1.Turn off your ps3 off

    2.Turn off your modem and router

    3. Turn on your ps3 and start call of duty

    4. Go to multiplayer option and

    5. Turn on your modem and router

    6. Go to play on-line.

    it works for me

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    I also have the same problem with just this game. Every other Cod works by this one.. I have reset the router and the ps 3 we have 2 in the house. 1 is brand new and it fails on both. The disk is as new not damaged in anyway so no reason for this issue. Nothing anywhere except here about it.. Just funny why 3 machines will not play it no more on the same day..


    We cant get into the game at all.. so no way of multiplayer option or anything else. Least i still have the good old faithful Xbox360.. that still works.


    Regards Ginge9570

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    I this too, came out of nowhere. This is my favourite cod chameleon too. :-( worse I'm just getting a black screen after I do the switch off router thing. :-(((

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      I've tried to bring this to several peoples attention but it's starting to seem pointless. Just when you think you're getting somewhere with support they will stop responding to you. It's pathetic that this has continued for several weeks now without so much as a word from Activision.

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    This started doing this to me as well, started yesterday.  I was worrying that it may be a virus doing this, Is this possible.  There no point of restarting moderm or bla bla bla.   Let me know what you guys may found out later what exactly is it.

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      Sony should have designed a very simple patch to solve this problem, or is this just Sony stopping gamers from playing the ( one of the BEST C.o.d games ever ) by putting a glitch on it's system to forse people away from playing the better older games (wonder if this will happen on more older games in the future? I've decided to go back to the Xbox where i never had all this crap. Goodbye Sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I had the old PS3 and it worked good until I got the slim that was when it stopped working. Could it be the slim?

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    Permanent fix it to block access to the web address cod4mw-ps3update.charlieoscardelta.com . This can be done through your modem settings. I found it parental setting - blocked websites.

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    All I do is unplug the LAN thing and put it in again when I'm at the multiplayer menu. Works fine for me.

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    I'm having the same issue with Modern warfare asking to confirm yes or no.  Unplugging my router each and every time is time is not an answer.  My router is upstairs and I have a disability.

    Someone from sony or Activision must have a clue.  I see people complaining all over the web.