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Looking for 360 Clan


K/D 2.16

W/L 3.0


Gamertag: Nopr0blemz


second o is a zero.

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    How active are you? What modes do you normally play? My clan plays dom with a win% of 85. 1.6 KD. Currently enrolled in diamond division. We are level 16 about to be 17. Are you willing to change your GT?  My GT: xRSLxTurnAround.

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      domination is prob my favorite gametype right now. im pretty active I probably play about 5 times a week for a couple hours. changing my gamertag though... I might consider it after playing with you guys for a while?

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    Greetings!  Please consider the clan TwoKnucklesDeep  we are a Lvl 17 clan after only 2 Platinum clan wars.  We were very active in our wars and crushed the competition.  Both times we blew the competition away with triple the amount of points as the second place team!  We have just opted in for the upcoming diamond division.  We are very excited over the War Cry gear coming out for the Diamond division.  We live for clan wars!   We could really use a strong domination player, as that was one game type that we found difficult to hold onto.  I have sent you a clan invite.  

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    Sent you a PM

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    Hey man, if you are looking for a clan join us at Down With OPP! We are pretty good but it's just hard finding some folks to play with cause everyone is already taken. Plus we actually have a good time in the game rather than just all seriousness. Let me know. Gamer tag: I MURK FO FUN

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    lethal gaming 1 search on app apply

    winners of every clan war well know clan here is there website and twitter mate http://www.lethalxgaming.com/

    Lethal Gaming™ (LethalGaming_) on Twitter


    prove yourself in this one and you will move to lethal gamin main squad level 25 clan red tags diamond here we come

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    i'll add you and we can play.  we have members here in the states and in London.  7 total.


    you can keep  your gamertag

    i mostly play domination, couple of the guys like to play HC and the 2 from London play Dom and KC.  we will play all modes during clan wars.

    we have finished 1st, 2nd and 2nd and are currently in platinum.  no intentions to join diamond due to the time constraints unless the clan decides otherwise.