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black ops 1 negative pts


I was playing. Call of duty black ops 1

I made a kill and I got -1000000000 pts.

I not only almost everyone had the two teams.

I went from lv 50 to lv 1 I still 35909pts going to be 2 ms.

but if you look at my account is still there that I'm 50.

I look in the theater score list back it says:

Sterean-30000 pts

Yazen16-30000 pts

Yazen 16 (2) 50 pts



viernie74 30000pts

mortar-dom13 0pts

xievolutionx 0pts






Tehremainz is the only one who from the beginning has been playing in that game.

you can solve, I was lv 50 and I 35 909 pts