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Maverick Gun


I was playing 2 days ago and I encounter a player using a maverick gun during a multiplayer game. How could you guys explain this while the patch is not there yet? I'm playing on pc by the way.

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    sounds like someone hacked their game... If they were really using it.

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    There's a glitch someone told me in Private Matches and you can somehow pick-up one from a Bot. However, in Core/Hardcore Multiplayer then it's an exploit hack. I've seen gun CAMO's hacked by other players...

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    Um maybs from ammo crate coz I have seen it in multiplayer TDM like a week ago in the final killcam. There is a chance to pick up both mavericks in bot games. I picked up the sniper last night in a bot game after waiting in q for TDM for 10 minutes...

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    DLC is allready in game.. you can get that weapon from ammo crate or you can test weapon in private mode... it's a glitch or maybe a market thing.. dunno!