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Hey, I am looking for a good coordinated BO2 xbox clan to join. I am ex-military and get bored of playing alone and rather play with a team. Also, if anybody is looking for a clan and cant find, message me so we can get organized and maybe put out own clan together.

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    Hi, David. First, thank you for your service to our country! I'd like to offer you a possible membership in the new Epic clan. We don't require any minimum K/D, but we do require members to be at least 13 years old, so you won't be playing with any 8 year olds haha. If you are interested, check out our facebook page at Epic Clan and Gaming | Facebook or send a message to my psn: agent-zero13. In your message, please include age, games you play online, special skills/strengths, and 2-3 sentences on why you want to join the clan or what you would bring to it. Oh, 2 more things. First, we ONLY operate on the PS3. Secondly, my co-founder is 13 years old. I am 23, but please be aware that one of your commanders would be younger than you.