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What is the best gun??


I was wondering what was the best gun FOR ZOMBIES? I really would like to know. I also know this is an opinion.

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    I don't play Zombies too much.. But I would think any LMG because of the damage and number of bullets each clip holds.. Now I would have another gun to back it up in case you run out of a clip while being chased down or something.. I like the M27 or AN94.. But I guess it's just personal preference.. I could be wrong about the higher damage because I don't know if that applies in Zombies.. I wish I knew more about it lol

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    Though many may automatically say the Ray Gun, I'd actually say the standard shot gun you get from the mystery box. With one shoot you can kill one zombie automatically opposed to shooting it a number of times with an automatic machine gun. Just personal opinion though.

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    That's a hard question to answer because on some maps a certain weapon may not be as ideal as others. If I exclude any wonderweapons and weapons that are only safe with perks like Mustang and Sally, I would say the MarkII Ray Gun.