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(JGLO) Recruiting Members (PS3)BO2


Hello Fellow Gamers of the Call Of Duty, we are looking for members to join our clan "Psycho-Juggalo" (JGLO)

Requirements to join: Has to have a Active Microphone, Mature acting not like foolish little kids, Has to be an active player online

KDR can be 0.80+, we will get you above the 1.00+ point, Has to be able to represent them self the best they can, there's no failure just trying!!

If your an easy going, able to take a joke, be serious when needed to maybe this is the clan for you. There is two of us trying to get a clan going

the best we can, we know giving up wont help. So feel free to drop by our page https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/12649013 to join!!

before going into battle we do a warm up, so where a little better in game, that will help work on your skill. Please feel free to message me with question or to join!!

Spread the word, If you know people that needs a clan or a group for Black Ops 2 feel free to tell them about us, Were looking to make a huge community of P-Juggalo's!

Check us out on Facebook

Psycho-Juggalo Gamers | Facebook

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