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What is up guys it is Spectric Haze from Youtube glad to bring you guys my first kontrolfreek giveaway with Mev [Miloexternalvisions on YT]! If you're a ps3 player, go to Mev as he is hosting the PS3 version and I am hosting the Xbox360 version! All you have to do to enter is go on my twitter @SpectricHaze and twit to me "#KontrolFreeks [XBOX]" then go to my YT page and sub! Same thing for Mev at @MiloProVisions but twit "#KontrolFreeks [PS3]" and sub to him! Then wait for the video which is going to launch a few days before March 1st [the giveaway date] which will say the time [est], and my twitch link because it will be a livestream! So hope you guys enter and see you next time!