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This is a rather poor attempt at riling up the remaining Black Ops II (360) Domination players. Myself, along with a few other mature gamers, are very much in need of some solid teammates to falcon punch the pub domination lobbies with. We are all experienced players, though would love to fill out a full 6 (at least) to match our 3. This is not an invite to a clan, we just drink and cap B flag like drunken B flag capping pirates. We just want teammates who talk, play the objective and can win those intimate yet sensual gun on gun fights. We're in the 26-30 age range and like casual yet mildly competitive play. Anyone with similar interests, please message me on 360 at M c S w I g g s (I know, I hate the dashes too). No requirements, other than stated above. Oh...well....there's one....you have to do a shot with us before we play our first match together. Nothing like the warmth of an aged bourbon to help with those head glitches!