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About Bans


Before you're all going to jump onto me, I want you to know I read the sticky about bans. This is not a post saying "ehmegewrd I got band plz let me back I didn't do nothing"! This is a post to only criticize Infinity Ward for bad actions.


As you know, a lot of bans that had no reason have been happening. My account is safe and sound, but how can I know that some idiot at Infiniy Ward decides to ban my account for being "maybe a bit suspicous". I don't understand how these can happen. Someone gets reported even though he didn't glitch or hack or do piracy, but still he gets banned. WHY?


And on another note, the bans are permanent. Even if they happened without a reason. Imagine someone who bought a PS4 just to play Ghosts for it and that costed like 500€. Then he gets banned. OH! He wasted 500€! And when the tells this to support, all they say is: "We must lock dis. It's permanent. It's the rules... we can't help." So what can I say? I can say that the people who call themselves "support", are actually just people who are told to say "we can't help" to everything.


So yeah, this is pretty ****** up, excuse me my language. First, without any reason, a player gets banned, and there's no way he will ever get around it! That's just as unfair as putting someone who's innocent in prison and not giving him a change to prove he's innocent. So please, Infinity Ward or who ever the heck controls the bans, fix your system and unban the innocent ones. Or at least give them a refund or something.


To sum this up, I am going to say the people who control the bans are total idiots until they get their actions right. I still see hackers around and nothing is done to them, but oh! Random bans! How fun. Get your **** together.

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    There are more ways to get banned than exploiting/glitching/hacking or whatever.  I hear people cursing all the time and I'm not gonna report everyone, I will report if I hear some hateful, derogatory, racist talk.

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    Some people, including myself, are reporting that their permanent bans are lifted this morning. Please check if your ban is still in effect.

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    YOU say for no reason.


    Ever read The Shawshank Redemption?


    Like Red said( I paraphrase), "Every man in this prison is innocent, didn't you know?"


    Fact is, while I am sure there are some who didn't deserve what they got, there are many more who did.

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    That is the problem, every single person is innocent. At the Xbox forum they have a section where every innocent person has a story and didn't do anything wrong. The xbox people then look it up and post the reason(s) for everyone to see. It's amazing how many innocent people were really offering hack lobbies, yelling racist or profane stuff at other players, modding profiles or whatever else.


    The people posting about their innocent 9 year old really get me. I hear more sh*t talking by the little kids than I do the adults. The innocent kiddies also happen to know how to do all the mods yet their parents think that they are little angels that couldn't have possibly done anything wrong while they were being left alone to play a mature rated game.


    I feel bad of someone genuinely didn't violate the EULA, TOS or other rules but I think many more of these "innocent" people really did do something to deserve what they got. Since Activision doesn't post the reasons like xbox does it is really hard to say and probably contributes to the not so innocent making posts since no one is going to call them on it.

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    There are some on ps3 that are blatant

    800 games played = max prestige ,yet they are on nightly .

    I had 2 french tits bragging " we can see you in orange squares its ok we will get 75 for 2 "


    My m8s lil lad got banned,hes 12,hes not a hacker hes not a cheat,he was in a PUBLIC lobby that when he got in the game the oppos were not able to be shot,so after trying once he backed out.(thats fair why would you just back out unless something is wrong? IN ORDER TO DISCOVER THIS YOU MUST PLAY THE DAMN GAME!


    Only it is NOT - how the effin hell can anyone control the lobby they are PUBLICLY put into?

    DLC is the worst selling one so far in this franchise,when NO ONE on your friends list has it- there is an issue.

    AS OP stated there is no one to be accountable - mass systems (many units) have been banned & most have no idea this forum EVEN EXISTS such is the utter fuckin confusion thrown up by the 4 companies NOT working on this

    CALL OF DUTY should the the ONE  & ONLY name of this product,bollox if im following beachhead/activision/IW & gawd knows who else  on twotter just so they cannot answer me either,They are too busy tweeting about poxy clan wars (that no ****** can access due to the woeful app that STILL is NOT available  !!!) .All my friends lists are built from playin COD

    NONE HAVE OR WANT YOUR DLC - If i was a shareholder id want that addressed big time .

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    How many people now regret going inside that rock on Whiteout?

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    Bans are not always perm, some bans in past games were lifted after a mistake was discovered. But that is a rare case.


    But most bans are for legit reasons..exploit, mod, hack, glitch. Get it to a lobby that had any of above done and stay there for an entire match. NO excuse you are just as guilt as the one that did it.

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    ThePrincessSlayer wrote:


    That is the problem, every single person is innocent. At the Xbox forum they have a section where every innocent person has a story and didn't do anything wrong.

    You must be new: Every single cheater that has come on the forums to appeal always, I mean ALWAYS state they are innocent, they ALL DO. In three years of posting I have seen maybe one or two dudes admit to boosting and then asking for forgiveness (in three years).


    I do not work for IW or Activision, but if there was a mistake in the banning then its a serious dent on their "law enforcing" cred. If they even recognize it, which I seriously doubt they will.

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    I have telling my friends about these bannings happening. I too am worried that i might randomly join a hacked lobby and get banned. My clan and I always back out of lobbys that even look suspicious, but it does worry me. They need to issue some sort of statement just this once. .

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