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Cheating a victory?

If you do anything other that put the game in the disc drive and play, ask yourself if its fair to other people that are playing, and what do you walk away with.


In my opinion, there doesn't seem to be a lot of cheating, just faster speeds.  I try ot give the benefit of the doubt when I play.  You can tell by looking at the killcam.


I think they should list your speed, ping rate, and or latency next to each player each game.  Wait for a match to start, and if you don't like what you see, back out of the lobby so it doesn't count as a loss.

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    I wonder this myself when I end up in lobbies with people who are clearly cheating.  Sadly this seems to be how the gaming world works now a days.  I think that the winning at any cost attitude makes games like COD less likely for me to want to continue playing in the future.  Modded controllers, lag switches and wall hacks are part of this world and it jst makes me disgusted.

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      60% of my online time with Ghosts gets used to report cheaters. After 19 days playtime, I can say I hate this game. Just switched to titanfall. Unbelievable, but there you can play 2 games in a row without getting killed by fuc..... cheaters!


      And the next problem: nothing will happen when you report a cheater, nothing.

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        well, you have to have x1 to play something TF so I will keep playing ghosts for the time being. TF doesn't appeal to me either. Now Star Wars battlefront does!  I have a feeling that everyone you think is cheating isn't really cheating.  I've only reported those I know are cheating. I.e. People who are invisible, unkillable, laying down 5 ken strikes on strike zone etc

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        You seriously mean that you have spent 60% of 19 days gametime to report people? Thats about 270 hours of writing reports. Exaggerating maybe?  Or you must be reporting everyone who is better at the game than you.

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    How are these people cheating exactly?

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      half the time people yell cheater and say "i watched the kill cam". when in reality the kill cam isnt 100%. they say they know whos cheating but everyone says that.


      u kno how often i get told im cheating or modding in some way? or get hate mail saying i do. i just laugh and say thx for the compliment, i cant believe i did so good u actually thought i was cheating.


      if all these people kno for a fact certain people are cheating then how come i get blamed for doing it even tho im not?

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      auto aiming, wall hacks, god mode.


      tdm with sniper riffle and thermal, and shoot 3 headshots (all 3 in the head exactly) and the guy is just turning around and kill me, then he must be a very skilled Player .


      Or when my clan mates (they play shooters for years and are a lot better then myself) and I are shooting at the same person from different sites, and then you will see two things:


      10 hitmarkers for everyone

      and the yellow sign blinking that he is wearing a vests.....


      10 seconds after the game started!!!!!

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    This game is full of cheating glitching nobheads, after playing against a team on strike zone in which a couple of the opposing team went 50 plus with no deaths had me reporting, enough is enough that evening,so decided to pop one of the old call of duty 3, discs in , which came out in 2006, wow could not believe how many gamers are still playing this, got full lobby`s every game connection was good, think anyone having there fill of ghosts should pop this disc in if they still have it,its a welcome relief from ghosts for a while.

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    I'm 10 days in and I've seen just a few cheaters at most. What are you defining as cheaters, players that beat you? Modded controllers, switchers, some of you sound paranoid and want to blame "cheaters" on you not being able to adapt. This is why the report system doesn't work in an efficient matter, paranoid players spamming the crap out of it with this nonsense.


    60% of your on-line time reporting cheaters? Are you kidding me? I bet you 59.9% of your claims are bogus, thus clogging up the reporting system for legitimate claims.


    Some of you are probably just horrible players that blame everything under the sun but yourselves, pathetic..


    rant over

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    I think its more a case of feeling "cheated" by the connection speed at most times.

    Most games are fine, and I don't really care about taking a 1-10 K/D ratio against legit good players, it just winds me up when you come to a 50-50 around a corner, both start shooting, you see on your own screen that at least 5 bullets left your gun, yet on the kill cam, it shows you just dies without returning fire.


    Victim to the ping.

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    I am a real bad player, I started playing shooter with ghosts, just bought the xbox then, no problem with that. I now Play Titanfall on xbox one with a K/D of 0,4. No problem with that.


    But what do you guys think about my example above?


    The best player in the world, running support and Hardliner, Needs 7 kills to get vests. How can someone has vests on 10 seconds after the game started, and he is still at his spwan Point?

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      well on some of my best days and best games with friends i have gotten my attack helo and gryphon within the 1st 15 seconds of a match just because the team rushed us respawned and did it again. so i think that is entirely possible on rare occasions, especially on support.

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        you forgot the time you Need to throw the vests and to take one. But ok, same Thing happened last night in clan wars. exact same Thing. After a few seconds, the guy blinked yellow after Shooting on him.



        I am looking forward to see some explanations on this. Because there are no cheaters in ghosts, of course......

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          never said people dont cheat. i just dont see how supposedly you can see this cheat twice recently where i have nearly 10 days played and havnt seen it once.


          just alot of people dont consider everything thats in the game and the lag also being a possibility of making what they are seeing look like some form of cheat.


          i have no problem actually discussing this but you need to be 100% on your time. you said 10 seconds in and stuck by that but was it really 10 seconds? or was it slightly longer. then you say a few seconds in. the times you are giving sound like estimates rather than real numbers, and the problem with those is you can bend them by just a few seconds to make it seem unfair or too fast.


          not saying you are lying or making it up, just saying get better more specific facts about what you are seeing and experiencing.


          also on the note of nobody having 7 kills theres always the possibility that they were using hardline. every 2 assists count as a kill.

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            thanks for your answer. I know that 2 assists count as a kill. ok to be more specific:


            Strikezone hc domination

            round started, we spawned at A, enemy at C.

            we did not cover A, we ran directly to C.

            Count the time we Need to run to the flag C, I would say 8-10 seconds including looking for the enemy and scoping.

            5 of the 6 enemies went to B, one was still at C.

            We shoot at him, all.

            Blinking yellow sign

            Then he smoothly killed us all.

            Looking at the current stats from this game:


            Our clan:

            all had 1 death (killed by this cheater)

            enemies had Zero kills, just this cheater had 5 kills.


            By the way: This is already confirmed by activision after reporting it at twitter. Also we reported a complete clan yesterday evening in clan wars:


            Everytime you run at a place where an enemy was waiting, it started to lag horroble, no way to shoot at them

            Everytime one of this clan was scoping at you,  it started to lag horroble, no way to run anywhere.


            Just waiting for confirmation of this. Maybe it is because I am from Germany (more cheaters in Germany??), i don't know.


            Fact is, I am bad, I am real new into this (playing shooter since 6 months now) and it makes fun. No Problem with getting killed by better Players, but These cheating bungler are destroying my fun.

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          were you playing octane?

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    people liked your comment even though it's a troll.