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Airborne Challenge (Patch).


Has anyone got this damn challenge yet? This thing is giving me fits.


The challenge reads: "get a 2 kill streak with bullets while in mid-air".


Okay... so... that does not necessarily mean a DOUBLE kill in mid air, but rather two CONSECUTIVE kills while in mid air.


I tried everything. I tried "jump shooting", i.e., the same challenge you do for a Field Order. I use the FP6 shotgun, jump, fire while in mid air, and kill the guy. Repeat this for the second kill. Didn't work.


I tried jumping off things. Every object higher than my character's head I have climbed, jumped off, shot while in mid air (and killed them still in mid air). Repeat for the second kill. Didn't work.


I tried to find every "floating glitch" imaginable to simulate that I was in mid air. i.e., there's a spot on Whiteout where you jump through a cabin and land on a faucet and you are essentially floating in mid air. I camped there for 2 kills in a row. DIDN'T WORK.


I have no idea how to do this one. Has anyone successfully got it? If so, how'd you do it?


I thought about jumping off a hill in Domination mode with the Grenade Launcher while 2+ people are capping a flag and grenading them in mid air, thinking maybe you really DO have to get a DOUBLE kill, but I can never get my damn grenade launcher to explode. I guess I could try with the Panzer.


But the streak itself says "bullets". Do shotguns count? Launchers? C4?! Could I just place a C4 down on a flag, wait for 2 people to cap, jump in mid air and double tap? I think I tried this.


Has anyone got this sucker?  If so, can you explain how?  What map?  What weapon?  What did you do?

I can only find two people who have successfully got it, and NEITHER elaborated. Here were their answers:


"Anyways I completed it on Octane by going on top of a box/dumpster between the motel and the bus directly in front of it."


Okay, that tells me diddly squat. How did he do it?!


The next guy is even more vague:


"I got it using kasket [SIC] in hardcore domination."


Again, he doesn't tell me what he did. Did he get a DOUBLE kill? Did he jump off a ledge and blow them up with it? Did he just stand in place, hop, fire while in mid air?! Ahhhh!