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[XBOX ONE] Looking for active clan for clan wars platinum/diamond


Looking for an XBOX ONE active clan for clan wars as i want to unlock both body count/war cry gear but at the same time have fun with a bunch of mature individuals who love to have fun but at the same time competitive.


I AM NOT INTERESTED IN GENERAL/CASUAL CLANS as i want a chance to win clan wars for the unlocks.


k/d around 1.80

w/l around 1.40

Age:- Mid 20s

GT: xSTxPhoeniXx

Have season pass



Bought my xb1 on launch day and have only just came back to using it for the first time this year!


I am usually a VERY active player but because i have only EVER played on my own it gets very boring and repetitive quickly and i have NEVER played Ghosts or even bo2 with a clan or a group of friends before only ever on my own.



Contact me via xbox or here. There is a chance i may NOT see your reply on here so xbox is preferred.


Thanks for looking.