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Hostin AoN Matches in Ghosts


What's up guys, my name is DualKnives and I will be hosting All or Nothing private matches in Ghosts lobbies. After watching my favorite YouTuber's, SUK, and his setup in Ghosts lobbies, it looked like a lot of fun so I wanted to see if anyone else would be down to do it.


The setup will be exactly like SUK's and if you guys liked AoN a lot in MW3 then we can go for final killcams. I want to record us playing and put that into a montage so if that's okay with everyone then that'd be sweet as well. I know there's a hidden mass of people who love to knife and recently I gave up the MTAR and other favorite guns and switched to only using knives. If you guys like doing the same or just want to try something different for once, hit me up on here or by gamer tag.


(This is for Xbox 360 users, btw.)


My GT: DualKnivesKidd


I'll be setting up the default classes and game modes within the next hour so if you guys are down, feel free to hit me on here or by GT. Peace!