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IW!!! God Mode Mods in custom classes (READ PLEASE!)




IW please watch this video + loads more on youtube of hackers cheating in MW3 on xbox360 & PS3 can use bring a patch out very soon for this mod and balance your game out because it is completely unplayable like this... Almost every game i get in theres some noob hacking running around with god mode & being invisible to others in the game and they just run round into the spawns can kill you when you have no chance in killing them.


This mod has been out for a while according to youtube why have use not done anything!!!


MW3 is ruined on 2 platforms due to this mod thus why theres only 20,000/Less people that play the game, Bring out the patch to stop this from happening then people would play mw3 and enjoy it again because right now it seems like use got your money F**K the community.



NO! if you want to carry on being a successful game developer then you need to balance your games so they are playable from all players not to those that have the ability to cheat when it can be stopped.


Do something about it IW & Reset/Ban all those that took part in this because this is top priority to fix and deal with those that used these cheats, Just because MW3 is a few years old dont mean you ignore cheats/glitches/hacks/players that are tampering with there system/profile to alter there playstyle so they get a huge advantage in winning every game and demolishing the enemy team.




1 player that i can remember who was using these hacks in mw3 on xbox360 was GT: PUR3 NooBzz   < he went 63-0 in a kill confirmed game on bootleg using his knife only once he ran out of ammo at 20+ kills

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    I know what you mean, just the past 2 days I have run into about 3 invisiblity hackers. I reported the one, and cant figure out how to report the other 2 because they left as soon as the game ended and I couldnt get to it in time. The guy I reported got about 50/0, and I watched the game ending killcam, and I was sitting right by where he shot the last person and I didnt see anyone otherwise I would have shot at him.


    Seriously, these people need to learn some respect for the game. I wonder if their parents taught them to be cheaters in life. Cant even enjoy a game anymore because of cheaters/hackers. Some of us like to play the game to have fun, not try to be a douche and get your k/d ratio to be the best or whatever you people want out of cheating.


    Something seriously needs to be done. I know nothing will but I can have wishful thinking lol.