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[PS3] Arcane Clan Recruiting


Arcane Clan is a competitive clan and we primarily play League Play Champions and Pubstomp in domination. Just about anyone can join so long as you're skilled enough.

-You can join in immediately if you have at least 1.4+ K/D and 300+ SPM

-If you don't have these stats, you can choose whether to do a 1v1 tryout OR play 3 Public matches and maintain a 1.4+ K/D throughout the 3 games (you choose the game mode.) OR play in a 4v4 scrim with clan members and either be on the winning team or place at least 3rd place on the scoreboard of the losing team.


If you make it into the clan you do have to play on an alt. Account, Arcane_(your choice here)  (if you can't make an account for some reason, we'll make one for you)


You don't need a mic to join, but it's a plus as we call out enemy positions.


If you want to try out, Send a friend request to Arcane_Anarchy, and put "Tryout" in the body of the message.

Or state that you'd like to try out below with your PSN.