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MNi' is now recruiting!


If you want to join a tryhard/spawntrapping clan, then join my new clan called Minnesota idiots [MNi']


If you'd like to join,add me [Steam Community :: MNi' BlueTrees] and join my group [Steam Community :: Group :: Minnesota idiots].


I'm recruiting a co-leader, and regular members at this moment.



  • Above a 1 K/D
  • Must be able to listen to commands when spawn trapping/playing
  • Win Loss isn't a requirement
  • Must be active at least a few times a week
  • Must wear the MNi' tags at all times
  • Be able to spawn trap, or at least listen to us on how to spawn trap
  • Never rage quit, unless there is a legit excuse why.
  • No extreme raging, semi raging is okay. for example "___ camper" and such.
  • Must be able to cope with high pings if in a foreign server


Some of the requirements are flexible, but they're mainly official.


Thanks, and welcome to MNi' if you happen to join.