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Black Ops II doesnt start


Hey guys, at beginning; sry for my english.

Since a few month i have the problem that I cant start Black Ops II. When I opened the Multiplayer.exe, I get a 1 seccond-long-blackscreen, after that he goes back to the desktop. After that im not able to cklick on the icon again. Nothing happens - but I'm able to hear the ingamesound. I tried to start the Multiplayer through the Singleplayer (that started normally and no problems with playing) but that doesnt operate...


After checking my graphic driver (actual), I tried to reinstall all 3 games (Single,Multi,Zombie). Same problem. But now I can't start Single Player too.


My PC Informations (Dont think its not enough)


-Intel Core i5-3350P CPU @ 3.10GHz


-Windows 8.1 64bit

-AMD Radeon R7 200 Series (2GB)

All drivers are uptodate.

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    *edit* I can still start the SIngleplayer. But no Multiplayer.

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    Some computers are unable to play BO ll.. depending on their graphics. So maybe a low graphic game will be able to work for you but a high graphic would not. It doesn't have nothing to do with the space the computer provides, it's just what type of year and if it is a good re-solution. Old computers are up to date remember that they will not contain the same as a new computer or latop that comes out.


    Best solution to do is message them see if they can give you a reason towards why you are not allowed to start the game. Maybe their answer will be better then mines.


    I suggest just buying a PS3 or Xbox360 or one of the new systems which I think for now they only have ghost in the new systems. Since computers seem to have more problems then systems do, easier to get banned..


    This is your decision remember! Good luck hopefully my response will help you out.

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    I know that you can play the game on Campaign mode, however, the game has not yet been tested if it can be played on the Windows 8 OS.