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Join Orb Gaming? [PS3/PS4]


We are "Orb Gaming" and we are a new Call of Duty clan looking for potential members who may like to join, we are a multi-CoD clan but mostly play Modern Warfare 3.



Have a decent Mic/Headset - To communicate.

No campers - It's very bad publicity for the clan.

No racism, screaming, raging all the time etc. - Again, very bad publicity for the clan.

We would prefer you lived in the UK - Because of time zones and stuff like that.

No squeakers - Unless your really good.

PS3/PS4 only - Unless your really good.


K/D Requirements:

Above 2.00 - Will very likely be accepted.

1.50 to 2.00 - Probably be accepted.

1.00 to 1.50 - Might be accepted.

Below 1.00 - Will not be accepted.




Skype:                      PSN:

jameswanless123      Orb_Inferno

derek.jack5               Orb_Maximus

kane.hodgeson2        Orb_Silence



Hope to see you soon!