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Those of us Mac only gamers now have MW3 (and 2) for Mac!



COD4 is so hacked (as well as nade spammed and sniper glitched) that it's hard to find a good game.

BLACK OPS is great. Why? Cuz it's frickin BALANCED. Yeah, it may seem boring to some, but whenever I personally go to CODBO I kind of feel relieved knowing that if I do well or bad: it's cuz of me.


MW3 , after only playing for 3 days, seems pretty darn cool. I've read some posts all over the net about MW3 sucking. I DON'T KNOW WTF ANY OF YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

The maps I've seen so far have room for rushers, AR's, and snipers. Seems like a wide variety of guns and love the customization (like with the added proficiency add ons).

The killstreaks have totally destroyed me in some games where I had a positive KDR but we shall see.


Now, I have already seen some hacking. A bit more than I thought I would have. Didn't the game JUST COME OUT ON MAC!!!


Anyways, that's how I see it right now.

Anyone else playing MW3 for first time on Mac????