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Above and Beyond #4 - OUHATEME


Welcome to the fourth Above and Beyond Support Spotlight from Activision Rewards!


Above and Beyond showcases Support Community members who are incredibly helpful in the Activision Support Forums, have earned a ton of Points and Badges, climbed the top of the Rewards Leaderboards, and more!


Above and Beyond Support Spotlight’s are chosen by the Activision Rewards team and are given an awesome Rewards Care Package from us including a custom Activision Rewards Badge (pictured above), Rewards Points, and more. Want to be the next Support Spotlight? Email us why you should be next: activisionrewards@activision.com.


This week, we’re talking to a familiar face from the Forums, OUHATEME.  Most of you probably recognize him from his awesome help in the Support section. Learn more about OUHATEME below and find out what makes him such a valued member of the Support Community!

Activision Rewards: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into Call of Duty?


OUHATEME: My name is Mike, though you all know me by OUHATEME on the Forums. My wife and I have 4 kids and 3 grand kids and everyone plays something when it comes to games. We have just about every console except a PS4 at the moment.


As far as CoD goes, my wife and I have played since the beginning with Call of Duty. We enjoyed playing local split screen against and with each other. Getting online though was something altogether different for us. In the past, we would jump on the Harley and go for rides hours on end. However, when our youngest was born, he had more conditions than I could name or pronounce so it was an easy decision to put family first and part of that is being home much more and making sure everyone was taken care of and having fun. Our first online experience with CoD came in BO1 we played the **** out of zombies and had a blast doing it.


Shortly before MW3 came out we started into the multiplayer portion of online and from there we would go back and forth between the game modes. MW3 with founder status and the installation of clans was a nice fit. It gave us a taste of something and we wanted more so we carried over to BO2 with it. We loved that we were able to keep the same clan from CoD title to CoD title. I know I’m speaking in plural that is because we each have our own consoles and Internet connections and we play together, yep I am one of the lucky ones my wife plays and she is in my Clan too!

AR: You have an extensive history in the Forums! How long have you been a part of the CoD Community?


OHM: I actually started coming to the forums in MW3 I mostly read and did not participate that much, when BO2 came out I began to get more involved in the Forums as that was our main way of figuring out how clan ops was working and it is where we shared what we had figured out worked and what didn't. Since it was a lot of us peers helping each other I found it a good atmosphere to share what we learned with each other as peers in the elite section of the forum for BO2. Two people I found very helpful for BO2 and Clan are Lifesong1 and mwfan55 both of whom helped me out with figuring out how Clans worked and with sharing information. When Ghosts is finished I will have a lot more names to add to the list as being helpful.


AR: You’re very knowledgeable about Call of Duty. How would you recommend a newcomer build up that expert amount of knowledge?


OHM:  Go to the Forums and watch and read for a bit. Pay attention when you see how others answer questions and if they use references in their threads. Some of those references are a gold mine for information. Don't stick to one section of the Forum either there is information in each section that can be so helpful from the general discussion which covers game play, weapons, map layouts. To the console specific forum which may let you know how to party up with friends or teammates better not to forget that the latest game updates and hot fixes are listed there as well. A lot of that information can be game changers.

I read in all of the forums and I have been branching out lately beyond the Clan and Support Forums. Be open minded in reading others opinions as they may help you redefine yours when they put things into a different perspective the same way you may sway someone else's. Bookmarking is a great tool when I see valuable information I usually bookmark it and will reference it when answering others questions.


AR: Since the Activision Rewards program started, you've consistently been at the top of the Rewards Leaderboards having earned more than 60,000 Points. How do you do it?


OHM: A majority of my points has come from the clan discussion Forums with the support section coming in a close second. When answering a question remember that they are asking because they don't know the answer even if it was discussed six post up the screen. When it comes to Clan Wars not having information or having to wait for it can make someone anxious regardless of how simple someone else may think the question is to the person asking it can mean a lot. In this installment of CoD the Clan Discussion Forum has pretty much exploded in size and activity compared to what it was in past CoD titles.

I have begun to see some of the helpful people from the other forum begin to make appearances in the clan discussion side of it which is great. I know this section has not existed that long and it takes a feeling out process for some of those that have been pillars on the forums since the beginning. In the background there has been some friendly banter on who is taking what leader board from the daily, weekly, and monthly, can’t forget to mention the overall Leaderboard. Great competition and many are helped in the process nothing wrong with that. Still pushing for top spot, though.


AR: Out of the Rewards Badges you’ve earned, which is your favorite?

OHM: I’d have to say it is the Kudos Badge. I earned it by writing a tips on how to have and run a Clan.  Got some great feedback on that and actually got to help a few people put Clans together.


AR: You’ve been chosen for a Kudos Badge due to your helpful guide involving Clans. Why did you choose to write about them? Are you in a Clan yourself?


OHM: I wrote about Clans because I know how many questions I had when creating mine and how much I had to look for information and when it wasn't there just do it and figure it out for myself. I have been in my Clan since MW3 when I made it and since then I have made my mistakes and learned from them as well as done some good things as well. So I was trying to help those just coming into it leapfrog some of the mistakes many make when making a Clan and help them get on track to enjoying it as soon as possible. We have fun and we can be competitive at the same time.


When it comes to guides, walkthroughs, or FAQ’s I haven't written anything on the scale of the Clans article yet, I do however to write walkthroughs with when helping those with issues that I may have a solution to.



AR: What Support topic do you find yourself the most knowledgeable in and why?


OHM: Clans I tend to do all the research for my clan so we can all enjoy it and if anyone ask why I can answer it or at least try to, I also enjoy the discussions with others from other clans when we (the community) are trying to verify certain things involving Clan XP and such. There are a lot of people that help out in the Clan Discussions Forum.

AR: What drives you to be so helpful in the Support Section?


OHM: When I have a question I truly appreciate when someone can answer it for me that way I don't have to wonder about it in any way. So among the other reason that I have previously listed giving someone peace of mind or at least an understanding helps those looking for answers. I have seen more and more people helping each other which when sharing information makes more and more people able to answer questions.