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IW, its been so many months , you released 20 prestiges, gave us tooth upgrades, new maps, but one most important thing you didnt reward us with are patches and new backrounds.

1. Give us patch for 100k kill

2. Give us patch for 200k kill

3. Give us patch for 300k kill

4. Give us backround for escape 6,7,8,9,10 relics on SOLO , seperate for escape on coop with 6,7,8,9,10.

5. Give us a patch/backround for 500/600/700/800k score from either solo or coop.


AN idea of what could be on the backround, kraken, breeder,gargoyle, mamoth,rhino,phantom

An idea of what could be on the patch

tentacle, scorpion tail, a tooth from hunter or rhino horn, mamoth eyes, gargoyles wings


COme on IW i know you guys listen to us and take ideas from community , you have great designers there its not that hard to put some days and effort into this. The whole community wants to show their skills not just by checking leaderbord but also rewards that only some of us can rock. ADD poll if mods could. Thanks