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What is your shooting technique?


What is your style of shooting?


Do you:


Scope then shoot?

Shoot and then scope?

Shoot and scope at the same time?

Some else?


I have been messing around with this recently and just looking for some input.

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    Depends on the scenario. If I'm up close with someone I shoot first. If I have someone off guard I take my time to ensure I kill them while they're unaware. Long range battles I've learned that accuracy trumps speed. So long as you're not too slow being the most accurate and making every shot count wins over haste. I take snipers out all the time be being patient. If they're going to kill me they're going to kill me it doesn't matter how fast I am they have a OHK weapon.

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    If your talking about quick scoping with a sniper rifle, there are lots if good YouTube videos about setting up your class, like chrome barrel, ready up, quick draw, and so forth. I found that if your target is kept in the middle of your screen then as your aiming you are pulling the trigger you should get the kill even if your a little off. I've had kills when my aim was clearly off to the side of my target. Interesting because if I'm already aiming down the scope and shoot to the side by the same degree, I will not hit the target.

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    Aim and shoot. I don't waste bullets.

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    If they are over 15 feet away or in any form of cover, I aim first. Hip firing for me is a tactic I use if I'm cutting across an area and don't have time to waste or if I get caught off guard in a CQB situation.

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    All of the above. There isn't a gun or sight I haven't messed with. From the hip, ads, no scope, scope. Single shot, burst, spray, bolt action. Sometimes I even snipe in a b-boy stance.....

    German Sniper.jpg

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    It just depends upon the situation. Most of my kills are medium range. In those situations, I generally start pulling the trigger about half way through the sequence of going ADS. Like FavoriteApe describes what he does, I've learned a long time ago that the key to being on target is having the target center of screen. I don't even really pay attention to the sights themselves unless it is one of those long range kills that ghamorra is talking about. In those, yeah, patience is the winner. Prior to MW3 I didn't worry so much about getting hit while I am trying to take down my opponent. The opponent is taking hits, too, so part of the outcome was determined by whose nerves could take more heat. Focus became more critical in MW3 and now it is a full-on perk. If you do not have Focus and the other guy does, you're probably going to lose. If neither of you have Focus, then the exchange is the same as it always was - whoever can fade the most heat wins. Same applies if you both have Focus.


    However, there's no way to know whether the other guy is running Focus. The best way to handle the matter now is to run Focus.


    But strafing while shooting is also a big help. To be effective doing this, though, unless it is a CQC exchange, I have to be ADS and my aim has to be darn good while on the move. Stalker helps with this.


    And then there's the thing we all hate - the CODbunny hop. I do not do this often, but sometimes the situation calls for it - especially if there's a flake on the other team doing it every time he comes around a corner.


    Finally, there's the CODprone dolphin flop. Now, we don't have dolphin dives in Ghost, but you can slide to prone or just plain go prone. In my opinion, this works better than the bunny hop or strafing. But it takes some practice to get yourself to do it.


    To me, a good mix of all these things is the way to go. You just have to know when which one is the best tactic to use. And that just takes lots of time and practice to get down.

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    Short range CQC, the Ripper SMG - spray and pray I hit something, fast movement hip fire.

    Medium and Long range, AK12 - ADS center mass or head-shot.

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    I find that it is easiest to hip fire when the enemy is close.  Close depends on what you are using.  If I'm using an assault rifle, then I would want them to be much closer than I would if I were using a steady aim smg.  I usually aim at roughly the same time that I begin shooting when the enemy is between close and medium range.  From medium range and on, I always aim prior to shooting.  If you don't, then the recoil will usually have you off target by the time you aim down your sight.  Sensitivity plays a part too.  It would be very difficult for me to aim at close range since I play on 5 sensitivity. 

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    Hip fire at point blank range, usually I shoot and aim at the same time for close-mid range just to see if I can get a hit marker in before I'm totally aimed in. For long range, aim then shoot in bursts or single shots for maximum accuracy as most guns in this game have considerable recoil at a distance.


    As for headshots etc. I never really aim for the head, just aim for whatever I see and if the recoil ends up bouncing up to the head, bonus.

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    I use the "stalker" and "agile" perks which has changed my play style a great deal.  This allows me to move quiet effectively whist ads and gives me a really good edge in cqc. The down side is the lack of peripheral vision and ability to sprint so, the key is to adapt to various parts of the map and situations differently. I no longer pop my sights as soon as I see an enemy because that nearly always ended badly.

    Mix it up a bit and see what works for you and when. Map knowledge will help you to choose the best technique for each part of the map as well.

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    Completely depends on the situation.


    If I am in CQC, I typically pull both triggers at the same time. However, if it is more of a "panic" situation, I'll just hip fire, especially with a Steady Aim class.


    In longer engagements, I always aim first.


    If someones back is to me, or they don't see me... I aim first.

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    I am a pure ads shooter in ghosts, i think that is mainly because i use a sniper or the msbs both are useless at hip fire.  I generally will pre-scope around tight corners. If using an ar/smg in a head on fight i drop shot about 90% of the time.  If i see someone i will ads and fire, i try to aim for the chest so the recoil lifts towards the head. The only time i hipfire is in a panic.

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    The mode that works best if you are a sub player is run steady aim and when you see a player, hit both triggers at the same time.  The first couple hip fire will benefit from steady aim (assuming you are generally aiming at the person) and then the ADS will kick in on the remaining bullets to kill the person.  Also, feather the fire trigger to reduce recoil....  don't just hold it down.


    Doesn't work as well with AR play, but you can still benefit from that setup if you get caught in CQC situations.