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lost all my clan unlocks


yesturday i lost all my clan and clan war unlocks:


-clan patches

-clan backgrounds

-gearcount stuff

- war cry stuff.

only the clan red tag is present.

in barracks the clan members ( most time played and best of the clan ) have lost their war cry stuff too....

i am still in the clan and still max prestige.my stats are ok.


my son ( we have a share account) told me that it happens when new micro dlc transaction are aviable but that the unlocks will be back soon ( he told me it has happens twice )


so what  is the problem?is my son right?

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    If you leave a clan you lose everything. Or, if your clan boosts during the clan war you'll lose what you earned for that clan war. I've never heard of a MDLC glitch.

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    IIt is that way on both the console and the app?  go into the app to the clan wars page open up the locations and see if you are still showing proper placement in each of the cw---- I'm saying this because clans in the past that have boosted they changed the cp that they earned to -666 and chamged their position on the leader board for that location .. Android devices also had an update the other day for the app ,,,, if your son has seen it before then he has probably given you the best advice and wait a little bit , we have all seen the app act in ways that it shouldn't at one time or another. 

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      update: today all is back , in game and in app.

      i didn't check the app before so i don't know if the stuff was locked there too....


      thanks for the answers , i keep the question open a few days if somrbody has some new info about this..