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I'm just coming on to vent about a few things that are really getting to me.

     1. If I am on your team, and I stop in a corner and do a 360 around my surroundings, I am not planning on camping. I am doing things right by checking my surroundings. Do not yell at me for camping when clearly I am not.


     2. If I kill you right after the match starts by walking slowly around a corner and you are rushing, do not call me a camper as I was clearly going in stealthily. I'm pretty sure the kill cam will show me moving and not just sitting there.


     3. If I call you out for having God mode, don't just sit there and laugh at me like it is alright. Go ahead and get mad at me and leave the game when I call you out but don't laugh as it is not funny at all. There are those of us that like to play the game right, and we despise you cheaters. All because you can't play worth **** and gotta cheat to make you feel better about yourself. And you cannot say you weren't cheating as I unloaded 3 magazines into you and also tried stabbing you numerous times and yet you didn't die at all. Eff you buddy. I reported you too!


Sorry about the vent guys and gals. I'm just fed up with people anymore.