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I am looking to join a clan for MW3 on Xbox 360


Hello my name is Zack AKA N0YES.

I am looking to join a clan for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360.

Team Death Match , and Kill Confirmed is what I mostly play on here.

Here are my stats so far.

Level 52 non Prestiged

Score 138,490

42 Wins

46 Losses

0 Ties

7 Win Streak'

1,300 Kills

781 Deaths

1.664 Kill / Death Ratio

123 Head Shots

23.84% Accuracy

147 Assists

14 Kill Streak

9 Hours of Gameplay.

Thanks for reading and if your interested in recruiting me send a friend Request and message to me via XBOX LIVE

my gamer tag is N0 YES ( ALL caps the 0 is a zero, space in between no and yes)