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Wins not counting


i am having a problem with a member of my clan who's wins are not counting. We are a clan of 6 in the Bronze division. We did not add nor drop any members leading up to or after the lock. We hold 3 nodes, Blitz, KC, and DOM.


The the member has 2 wins on DOM which I observed, yet the wins stayed at 9 and we did not gain any capture points. She also had one win in KC which did not register.


I have worked my tail off capturing these three nodes and if my clan mates wins are not going to aid in their defense I am done.


with all the lag, frame rate issues, people droping mid game, lack of player base(only 29,000 people online last night?), etc. this game is quickly losing luster. There are times I spend more time trying to get into a game than actually playing.


please help. I don't want to lose because of technical issues. I have been taking these nodes by myself and when my daughter started playing I was relieved to have some of the burden of defending them lifted but she is not getting credit for wins so it is pointless.

i Did post in another users feed about a similar problem but they had added members after the lock which explains their issue and I have not had any response to my problem.

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    What is the win amount for the DOM node in a 6 member War? I'm just thinking you may have the defenses maxed out, but it would have to be a 7 win node to be maxed out at 9 defenses.

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      Thats what it sounds like at a glance.

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        I Did not realize the defenses were capped at 9, if so that is the reason the wins were not registering.


        she is playing now on a different node and the wins are counting so perhaps I jumped the gun.


        it would help if the rules were posted in a conspicuous place instead of having to dig through forum postings searching for a link to them..

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    Experiencing the same issue.  The clan has not added any new members since the last clan war.  Me and another member have been on and winning a match or so but nothing is registering.  Really wish they also didn't leave full clan access on a mobile phone.