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aVoided Mw3 Search and Destroye ps3 clan.


Hi, my name is Damien

I'm looking to start a mw3 search and destroy clan called aV as in aVoided

You have to be skilled at Search and Destroy, but you don't have to try hard 100% of the time. If were just in pubs chilling you can snipe, knife or whatever. The only time I request for you to try hard is when: playing against full team/ playing against a clan/ playing against a few kids talking ****. doesn't matter if you like to rush plant or lead lobby in kills, all that matters is that you contribute to wins. There is no K/D-SnD Rank requirement, I'll find out how good you are by playing with you, not by a useless stat. A mic is not required as long as you have a means of communication I.E. Text/Kik/Twitter.

If anyone comes in that is interested I'm GB, then we will start a team.

So any way guys my PSN is: Dame360Hutson so either message me on ps3 or leave something below.

Also name changes are not required YET.

Someone who can record gameplay is also GREATLY appreciated.