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preorder "bonus"


anyone seen the vid yet ?


i'm not made up with the possibility of an exo and an energy weapon as pre-order bonus,hopefully though they get released to joe schmo at a later stage like the freefall map was.


am i sensing a bit of preorder to win?

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    Meaning AW pre-order I take it , yea that info came out during E3 2014 , The Exo-Skeleton bronze/copper skin looked good, as well with that camo for BO2/Ghosts & patch was also a pre order bonus - yea they'll release it to everyone like they've done in the past like Nuketown / Free fall , I think even Terminal on MW3? Can't remember, Not sure about camos/skins thou

    It's always pre-order for the win, although you do pay a little extra,+ pay abit more and they do some kind of deal with DLC , but the game a few days later is always cheaper,

    I'm yet to pre-order still waiting for the MP Trailer.  

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    Pre-order to win? looks like its just a different skin. Not gameplay impacting.

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    Kind of in the wrong forum?

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    I'm sure they will do their best to ensure the P2W factor is minimized for future DLC.  I'm pretty sure the eco-suit is just a skin, but not sure with the gun.

    Unfortunately, the devs could literally release a gun that takes 10 hits to kill and a rate of fire comparable to the AK12, and people will still complain about P2W.  Every gun has its strengths, it's those that find and utilize them that will find success with them.