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Just looking to have fun...


i want to to party play with others that just want to have fun playing a GAME. I play MW3 and BO2 on PS3. my SN is Willy_Z_73. anyone that wants to add me in the request please just simply type forum.

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    Here what it depends on to add me.


    1. Are you truly pro I have NEVER rested my stats!

    2. Even if you 20 prestige or master prestige Don't keep using the same guns with silencers in Mw3 & target finders& silencers in BlackOps2 that shows me you got no guts.

    3. Lv 15 or higher in trophy level or over 15 platinums.



    Oh just pointed out in Mw3 quickdraw pro to get it complete(DONE)

    Tactica/lethall kills don't count or any attacments kills. You have to rapidly shot with ur primary @ someone than switch to One pistol immediately & finished him off! I think its a challenge as well.


    so if you meet this criteria above than you can add me SirNikolai if not don't bother. I take 1 glance @ your profile & its over if you didn't follow the criteria