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Black Ops 2 Game wont WORK


i have downloaded the black ops 2 Season pass on line at the Playstation Store for my Playstation 3 and i have played it a couple times but about a day and a half ago when i tried to go on the game it would not let me Play.. i updated the game to the latest version and now when i try to start the game it just shows me a blank screen and it doesnt show anything.. the game freezes and does not Load.. i uninstalled the game and re-downloaded it again and it works fine if i dont play the game online, but when i switch my network on, it makes me download the new version and then when i try to start to game again it gives me the same problem and wont let me start it.. i dont know what is wrong with this game i had barely had this game for a week and after this 'Update' it has been freezing.. and this keeps happening everytime i try to start the game.. it wont let me pass the Blank screen.. im assuming there is something wrong with the New Update, or maybe the game itself.. i dont have the disk, i downloaded the game on the playstation store.. if anyone knows a solution to this please contact me.. i am very irritated and Pissed off, ive spent the past few days trying to play this game but it just wont let me... Someone Please help me outt!