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Do you think the traditional sniper role of staying behind your team and providing support from long range is going to be difficult? with quickscoping, stealth bombers and emps flying around. these are just examples and I'm sure there will be a lot more to hinder that kind of less aggressive sniping.


    I don't know how it will be in this game but when I snipe, I stay a bit behind my team mates and shoot from higher up spots. Not camping but shooting and moving or I will camp to keep people from running down a length of the map to defend something. But I don't snipe a whole lot anyways.


    to be honest i feel the traditional look on snipers is gone. yeah theres a few people who remain true to it but most of the time i find myself getting sniped in the head by a guy no further than arms reach away from me.


      I agree. People just don't know what it means to be a sniper in COD anymore. To me a sniper is someone who remains in the back of the battlefield picking enemies off from afar, not this stupid quickscoping BS that kids do. One thing that gets on my nerves is being called a "hardscoper." Really? You're going to call me a name because I'm using the sniper rifle how it should be used? Why do you think it has a high power scope on it? I just have a feeling that proper, traditional sniper in COD is going to fade away for the most part with all the quickscopers and IW supporting that BS playstyle. I wish more people would snipe properly and try to master the art of being a traditional sniper, because that's what it is: an art.


        So, according to you, sitting still in a objective game with a sniper is meant to help the team?


        Alrighty then, i'll just grab my ROFLcopter and fly away then.


        But seriously, there's nothing wrong with Qsing.


        And spraying with an Assault Rifle does not require more skill than Qsing, NEVER ******* EVER try to tell me that Qsing is easier than just holding in the fire button and running forwards with a famas. NEVER


        So, if me and my 3 other friends plan on sitting still on demolition, when we are suppossed to defend, we just sit in a corner with our snipers, and then you won't be able to complain, since you said that you liked being a ''hardscoper''.


        Thank you, i will now begin camping on black ops, since it requires more skill than Qsing, since Qsing is a ***-tactic.


          Qsing is an exploit but the thing is I don't really care about that. I get annoyed when I have these quickscopers on my team who think they're awesome and finish bottom of the lobby, negative, 0 caps/defends etc. Honestly if you suck at quickscoping stay in private matches - thats why alot of the community disliesk it.



          PbtTheClan wrote:

          But seriously, there's nothing wrong with Qsing.


          Other than the fact that 99% of the people who do it are always elitist wanna-bes who do little to contribute to the team and go into rage fits when someone who is using a gun in the matter it was meant to be used kills them.


        i've been QS so many time it doesn't bother me anymore. I just really hate it when they have the rifle pointed at the ground and they get a headshot on me and I'm around the corner not even on the screen


    Maybe if Mr. Bowling got his head out of his ass and realized "Hey, quick-scoping is a magnet for bad players, take it out" we wouldn't have discussions like this.


    I will snipe, I help my team by guarding objective, I didn't need gimmicks to snipe on UT back in the 90's don't need them now


    "The Sniper", a short story by Liam O'Flaherty, needs to be redone.


    Instead of the IRA sniper tricking the Free-stater sniper into shooting his helmet and walking away, he should have jumped off of the rooftop and 360-no-scoped him. He would obviously miss. The free-stater sniper would then do the same. They would continue to climb up onto the ladders and off, 360-no-scoping each other.


    In the end, the IRA sniper will do a silent shot/throwing knife thing and kill the Free-Stater sniper. Instead of going to check his body, he goes and posts his battle on youtube as part of his montage


    This BS quickscoping and trickshooting ruins the reputation of snipers like it would ruin that story


    And am i the only guy that thinks:

    -Ghille Suits in MW2 look ugly

    -Intervention in MW2 looks terrible

    -Barret 50 cal and Intervention should not have been starting weapons in MW2

    -The Draganuv in COD4 is awesome

    -Stopping Power needs to return to call of duty


    P.S. I am not a troll. Those are my real opinions


      think what would of happened in WW2 to some guy did a 360 out a church, Germans would of loved that, clapped in applase then shot him


      I agree with everything apart from stopping power, it wastes a perk slot, and if it comes back, jugg needs to come back to balance, then we would essentially be back at square one.


      As long as they make weapons strong enough, I don't think we will have a problem.


        I agree with the "stronger guns" part.


        Do you agree with the draganuv being awesome?


        Also, I don't think we should be limited to five perks a slot. We should be able to have more perks. It changes up the game a lot.


    I think part of the problem with Sniping in Call of Duty has a lot to do with Map design. There are a few maps in MW2 where I use sniper rifles and traditionally snipe. But as you get the more condensed maps with few long lines of fire and any place you try to hole up and snipe can be infiltrated in 3 or 4 ways. Its tough to want to snipe in a traditional sniper roll. Hopefully the "gun on gun" game flow and the massive maps with 16 on 16 game modes will allow a return to the COD 4 days where sniping was extremely effective.


      Agreed, traditional snipers are especially dependent on the map, and MW2 was very unforgiving in that regard.


      Normal sniping demands usable positions that overlook important sightlines or choke points. MW2 had a few sightlines and defensible positions, but only rarely did it have a workable position that offered you a clear view of anything. And even the times when it did, the enemy team will just as likely spawn right behind you than in front of you, so the odds that you could ever set up and behave like a normal sniper (and actually succeed) were practically zero.


      My honest message to the devs is that if you want us to treat sniper rifles the way they're meant to, give us some positions from which we can actually do it. Otherwise we'll just have to quickscope like headless chickens.


    From the vids on youtube it looks like traditional sniping will make a decent return. Imo.