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MW3 Map Info and 'Hopefuls'


Hello everyone!


So, from those that have played the game or watched the game during COD XP or the UK event that happened not too long ago:

Maps. What type of sizes are we looking at here?


Now, as I understand it: Paris and Dome were the only ones available at XP. How big were they? (In comparison to previous maps in MW2.)


2nd: For everyone: what type of map sizes/effects/etc. are you hoping for with either DLC or future MW titles (if the series continues)?


Why are you hoping for those sizes/special effects? What reasons? What terrains would you preffer? Locations?


Personally, I would LOVE to see some large (Underpass or Wasteland size) maps that have weather challanges.


Example: Could you imagine playing a snow level that had the visuals change from lightly snowing to heavy snow fall? Something like that would give a more intense/realistic feel to the game. Having to work arround issues of hindered sight and such would be cool. (IMO)


Deserts could get windy and dust would kick up to temprarily hinder players line of sight.


Anywho, what is your input? And if you have an answer to the "What are the current map sizes comparable to" question, then answer that too.



  • MW3 Map Info and 'Hopefuls'

    I'm hoping they include small-to-medium size maps. No need for fancy effects as there is simply no need for it; gunfights should be based off of accuracy and reaction time as opposed to who can see through effects better.


    I don't really care what terrains I play on, just no crazy fog settings like Wasteland which make it impossible to see targets from a mile away. There has to be cover and good gameplay, everything else is secondary. For the love of god, make maps with a variety of sightlines, nothing like Scrapyard where every area is a line of death from across the map. Make it so there are some corners or passages that allow you to traverse the map without fear of getting longshotted or sniped (this is good for shotgunners and run-and-gunners). And please, don't design maps with the ability to tube the other spawn.

    • MW3 Map Info and 'Hopefuls'

      I whole heartedly agree with the tube comment there.


      As for the defending my suggestions, because I am a tard and feel the need to,

      I think they would be fun addons to give the game some spice for those that want something a little different. HOWEVER, These are not things that I will be upset about not getting.


      If they don't make maps as I had mentioned, no biggie. Just thought it would be entertaining to have for those moments when I get warn out from the norm.


      I GREATLY agree with the mention of more variety on the sightlines. Scrapyard drove me nuts with the universal sightline they used there. (The "I can see every place you go to from the other corner of the map" view is retarded.)

    • MW3 Map Info and 'Hopefuls'

      As long as they aren't as small as Nuketown *shudders*


      About the size of most of Blops maps, maybe a bit more and I'll be happy.