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What Do You Guys Think About These Ideas for MW3?

As you know MW3 does not have Combat Training. Why don't they just take the offline Split-Screen system from MW2 where you have your own profile for progressive ranking that was just like multi-player and just add AI/Bots to the equation. Would be the same thing and you wouldn't have to have online to play it. People with out broadband would love this. Combat Training was fun on Black Ops because you could invite friends to play with you against bots, but that won't be this new MW3 idea. What do you guys think.


Also, I think it would be awesome to have Spec-Ops Survival support theater mode in it. It would be epic to watch the games you play and see what happened or what went wrong. Plus, the constant action would be pure eye candy.


These are just my ideas on what they could add, they won't make it in the game, but it would be really awesome.