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Scavenger Should Be....


So I hear that Scavenger PRO simply starts you with extra mags.. GAY. This is stupid, it defeats the point of wearing Scavenger. I realize they are trying to phase out the people who would equip claymores and sit and use scavenger to rack up kills. But what is wrong with that? Anyway, here is my two cents; I think that the Scavenger Perk should benefit you when you walk over a dead body you can pick what THEY have left behind, whether it be ammo, a grenade, a throwing knife, claymore, EMP nades, stuns, or whatever. Obviously you can only carry X amount things(1 piece of equipment) anyway so its not like this would be an overpowering perk. I think it would be a great spin on things, you could be a diversified guy out there on the field and be able to use all different types of equipment with the same class, that is assuming you're getting kills and not getting killed... What do you all think about that?