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What do you think of employees leaking MW3 videos ?

All who attended one of game expos (Gamescom 2011, Call of Duty XP event, Gamefest or Eurogamer Expo) remember how strict the Activision staff were about the "no cameras and cell-phones off !" rule during the MW3 presentation. You could not even twitter while waiting.


Yesterday a video got placed on YouTube and this video was, without a doubt, made during a "behind closed doors" presentation of a finished Modern Warfare 3 console version. Could be at Microsoft HQ or at Sony HQ.


The video shows, what looks like, a MW3 Campaign Mission intro BUT this video also shows that all employees are free to use their cell-phones during this presentation.


And so one employee just placed his/her footage of this presentation on Youtube and even promised more......


Weird fact is that all leaked videos in the past also came from people who had to work with the finished copies of a CoD title.



Why can't Activision be as strict for them as they are with us ?  Especially when all leakages always come from within ?



Modern Warfare 3 Leaked Video - MS or Sony Game Presentation