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    New vid up on HR Gaming and on my channel, please support both vids, thxs. Comm about How Big Is Your Gaming Ego?



    HR's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSoMeaT80Uw&feature=channel_video_title



    mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72ETBKHrQ_8&feature=channel_video_title

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    Good games last night Elite King and Block!

    Elite King and I will be getting online within the next 30 minutes.

    We will be working on a new video tonight and the rest of the week.

    We are hoping to get a 5 pack of 4H members to be apart of the video

    Talk to you guys soon!

  • 22. 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    well we got 3 out of 5 so far...

  • 23. 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}


  • 24. 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    yump, we goin in hard and fast.

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    When are you getting online Welshy?! We miss you!

    We are working on a brand new video. We would love you to be apart of it!

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    Going to load BO right now!


    Hope to see you guys online!


    Can hardly wait until MW3 is released!

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    Hey all, a couple of quick points...



    1st, lets all say some prayers and get well soon for our friend Jackasmo. He kinda lost his vision for two weeks and even though it is coming back I feel some more good thoughts his way would be good ya know. All the best to you buddy and hope to see ya in-game soon!



    2nd and less important compared to the 1st is I will be on tonight for some gaming. About the quint comm, I should have that unlisted game up by Fri so we can all watch it and commentate on it this weekend hopefully. Then I can finish that vid up begining of next week...

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    Jackasmo, I am sorry to hear that you are not doing so well. I hope you will feel better soon! You are in our thoughts and prayers!


    I look forward to working on the commentary with the 5 of us this weekend. I am not sure what times Elite King and I will be on, since we are both scheduled to work, but we will let you know soon.


    I should be gaming tonight around 11:00pm since I have classes tonight. I am sure I will have a few assignments to do before I play any video games.


    Talk to you guys soon!

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    Gamer Tag (XBOX MEMBERS ONLY):










    Are you above the age of 18?



    If you must know, I'm not above the age of 18. So nope.


    How Did You Hear About 4H?


    I believe either search & destroy or team deathmatch I saw some guy with the clan tag 4H so, I just remember from then.



    Gaming History:

    (I'm just gonna go with my perspective of this question. (just tell me if I'm wrong)



    Black Ops





    Non-fps games I like to play in spare time

    Legend of Zelda


    so, yea.





    Your Clan History:

    I've never really have been in a clan before. But, it's a new game and I wanna get my name out there in the COD community so, why not start with these guys!




    Do You Use Skype? If Not, Are You Willing To? Skype is important to our clan. Skype is where everyone gets together (Wii Members, Xbox Members and Playstation Members)

    I really don't use skype, but if it's necessary I'll be more than willing to use it.









    Time Zone:

    EST (Eastern Standard Time)




    Gaming Schedule:

    It all depends school wise. If it's not a school week I can play from dawn til dusk but if it is, I'll only play on the weekends.





    Prestige/Rank: Well, in Black Ops, I'm not prestiged yet and in MW2&MW1 (I don't have the game but, I play it at my friends house every now and then.





    Kill/Death Ratio:

    I would have to get back to you on that but I can guarantee that it's above average. Usually 2+ every game.




    Best kill streaks: Well, in one game of TDM I got up to a Rolling Thunder, but got killed before I could collect it, and in that same game I got a gunship probably 2 minutes after I died.





    Game Mode: I usually play Classic TDM or Reg. TDM, but every now and then I play S&D for some fun.





    Style Of Play: Well, it all depends on the map. If I was playing on nuketown I usually run into the grassy area with the car and go prone for kills, but in WMD I would probably camp in one of the rooms upstairs.





    Most Memorable Moment: I was playing Kino Der Toten with my friend and we got to round 28 with the hidden music jamming by jumping into the fire trap in the room before the alley.(If you were there you would understand more)








    What is your favorite Call Of Duty game? Explain why.

    If you ask me I would say Black Ops for one sole reason. It has zombies! If Black Ops didn't have zombies and MW2 did then I would have bought MW2 and played it for like 3 years straight without taking it out of the console! (That's how much I love zombies!)




    Map: (Zombies) Kino Der Toten (Regular) Array





    Weapon: Galil or AK 47 Red Scope with a dual mag.





    Attachment: Flamethrower





    Perk: Hacker Pro





    If you are accepted into this clan as an apprentice, you should post frequently on our thread. This habit should be continued into full membership. It will let us get to know you better, and it's always nice for us to hear from others. Are you willing to post on our thread often? (4 posts a week is recommended).



    And Most Importantly, Why Do You Want To Be A Part Of The 4 Horsemen?



    Well, as I stated before I really haven't ever been in a clan , but MW3 makes me think that having a clan will help me get my name out in the COD community and will help me just become a better player with help from pros that are in this clan.


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