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  • 60. Re: 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    1.) Actually, you didn't post it on the other forums, I check around there daily and never saw a post about it. If you edited the first post, like what you did here, then I missed that. I came to find this by chance. I was checking to see if they had set up the Clan HQ here so I can make the reccommendation, and I noticed that this was the most popular topic on the Clan HQ here, which means we are doing our job right, lol. By the way, you should make a post on the other forums notifying everyone that we have moved here.


    2.) Yeah, I got Teamspeak working.


    3.) Hi Queen! Good to be seeing both of you guys on here.


    4.) Don't get too happy, it's only been a month today, I know, it's felt like forever to me too. I've got at least 4-5 months of this left.


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  • 61. 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    very true huggy.


    imma do that right now.

  • 62. 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    hey, me too baby!

  • 63. 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    im diggin the app shankx!


    make sure to EliteBlade4H on the xbox.

  • 65. 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    Well I figure this be a good as time as ever to post:)


    Also that Just_Lucas guy, IK him I was close with the MwR "junkies" for quite a while. The group he hung with were cocky immature bastards(sorta like me but to a bigger extent). They would switch between clans like there was no tomorrow. But he was the best out of them all if I remember right. Just saying.

  • 66. 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    For a half Blind cripple ole man,

    I still can find ya ,,, LOL just like in the game ,,,

    For Jackasmo is Here !!!

  • 67. Re: 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    first off i'm souped as hell for the release of mw3



    Gamer Tag (XBOX MEMBERS ONLY):





    Are you above the age of 18?


    yup 20



    How Did You Hear About 4H?


    checked out this forum and you guys look legit.



    Gaming History:


    campaign modes on a whole bunch of games

    but black ops is my first multiplayer



    Your Clan History:


    none :O



    Do You Use Skype? If Not, Are You Willing To?


    yerp i gots skype








    Time Zone:





    Gaming Schedule:


    anytime girlfriend lets me





    umm right now i'm 13th prestige



    Kill/Death Ratio:


    around 1.5

    my first couple prestiges killed me



    Best kill streaks:


    not sure, but it's low because i use to play domination..

    switched to search though



    Game Mode:


    search and destroy



    Style Of Play:


    semi aggressive rush



    Most Memorable Moment:


    umm.. i kinda have two..

    1. it was prolly around 5 vs 2 in search on jungle and the other guy died on me -__-

    i was sniping but i'm a noob at that.. planted.. and ended up quick scoping 3 guys :O

    it's on my file share lol

    2. seach again, but it was 6 vs 1 i think on launch.. ended up killin 4 with the ak, ran outta ammo -__-

    killed 5th guy with pistol.. planted.. and killed the last guy with pistol while he got mid deactivation

    on my file share too!






    What is your favorite Call Of Duty game? Explain why.


    i borrowed the other mw from a friend to play multiplayer and i like black ops lol





    i like every  map but hanoi





    usually famas but it depends on what map and if we're planting or defending..

    sometimes its the ak, pm, or spas





    red dot





    sleight of hand.. ALWAYS lol



    If you are accepted into this clan as an apprentice, you should post frequently on our thread. This habit should be continued into full membership. It will let us get to know you better, and it's always nice for us to hear from others. Are you willing to post on our thread often? (4 posts a week is recommended).


    sure lol i got nothing else to do in class


    And Most Importantly, Why Do You Want To Be A Part Of The 4 Horsemen?


    you guys look legit and i want people to play with that will have fun and teach.. i wanna have fun but winning is always awesome lol but there is one altercation since you guys don't accept girls.. HEAR ME OUT THOUGH.. i'm a lesbian lmao i promise you that there won't be any dating going on in this clan -__- plus i have a girlfriend lol make an acception playz wiff mee

  • 68. Re: 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    the Xbox squad leader said no to your app based upon not meeting specific requirements.

  • 69. Re: 4H | Behold The 4 Horsemen Ω {Wii & 360 & PS3}

    Going to be gaming for about an hour or two tonight.

    I have another early day tomorrow!

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