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  • 10. "balance" is boring

    I agree with you. Sometimes its the people that ruin a game. Like OMA was a good perk but the way people used it and abused it is what ruined it for the rest of us especially when combined with Danger Close. Someone on top of the building on Highrise is extremely difficult to counter even more so when they're using Tactical Insertions. Commando is the same. Increased melee range is fine but people running around teleporting at you while using a tactical knife is somewhat exploiting the system. All of those factors made what could have been a balanced game unbalanced. More and more people using those tactics just made the problems even worse. Another thing that didn't help was half of Infinity Ward leaving. They could have patched the game but they didn't have the people to do it.

  • 11. "balance" is boring

    so can you tell me how im good in halo cod 4 mw2 black ops and world at war i can assure you my k/d is high and without camping kid one man army and danger close and tubing are fine and im not trolling all im saying is your a garbage player if someones tubing and your such and idiot you dont go and earn one man army a grenade launcher and danger close yourself, your the inexperienced noob that keeps getting raped and thinks that your good enough to run out and kill the tuber with your gun not my fault i would be garbage if these things were only available to me such as vehicles in halo or battlefield or a sniper rifle on the field in halo games which are very limited in that all players cant have them but in call of duty for the most part all players can have all things each other can have except your obvious limited skill doesnt permit you to get killstreaks so its obvious why you say its all not fair cause its easy to tell you cant earn streaks.


    ruined mw2? ruined is a horrible word and VERY subjective since only the internet has spawned that judgement of the game as a truth, if anything hackers ruined mw2 other than that your probably one of the ones complaining on robert bowlings twitter anyway sucky ***.


    dignity and fairness? if i will say so i would say the only people NOT playing with dignity and fairness are people who a) got the game first b)are outright hackers that daily participate in 10th prestige lobbies and infection lobbies or c)exploit spawn tubing across the map all of those are infact playing unfairly cause everyone cant have the same level field as a person who in less than 10 minutes goes from no prestige at all to 10th prestige and now has EVERY gun, EVERY attatchment, EVERY perk and pro perk, EVERY killstreak,  and EVERY custom class slot, or someone who ofcourse has aimbot and wall hack who can just turn right around and know exactly where you are when you have shot not one bullet the opposite team or enemy player has no heartbeat sensor or uav and you may have a silencer but the person is already pre aimed at you no matter where on the map your coming from even if you have the definite right away on an enemy and shoots you with perfect aim even headshots mostly and with any gun or any weapon like people who lob grenades and know exactly where to get a triple kill or multi kill, and of course the spawn tubing accross the map i would say this is fair again cause it requires noob tubes and one man army and danger close, now everyone doesnt know how to do this not by a long shot, but then again there are those who can spawn tube a tactical nuke with no need for a chopper gunner or any killstreaks and no hardline these things are cheap and are used by those who have no dignity and fairness.


    only bad players think balance is bad? and i guess thats the reason why black ops magically had a horrible reception, YES its played alot and YES its the highest selling entertainment franchise ever even over avatar, atleast until mw3, but in general the game was boring and things like spawn trapping where even taken up to a level that people were camping spawn points literally like knifing people time they spawn thats how boring black ops was, i didnt say balance was bad anyway, but i did say it was boring cause it makes the game VERY dry games like halo are VERY unbalanced especially since you can just ride a scorpion tank all game and dominate the battlefield and STILL spawn trap


    did you say im bad and cheap at the game? i promise you i had one of the highest natural gun aim accuracies on call of duty 4-black ops no aimbot no special controller i dont even use sights on my guns i get tons of head shots and have earned countless killstreaks with nothing but my gun and i dont panic knife i learned to quickscope in less than a week and at a pretty high level i just started that this month and learned to drop shot in that same time so im in no way bad in the game especially with my k/d AND for the record i alternate between tubing anyway i use my gun alot a whole lot i pulled off a positive k/d RUSHING on mw2 with all the hacking and crap that goes on in mw2 and i dont camp


    parasites? lol your one of the "parasites" thats turning cod into this boring mess that became black ops so gtfo younsta

  • 12. "balance" is boring

    now you i can actually agree with, thats another unfair thing the jumping on top of highrise which not everyone was able to do only some people could

  • 13. "balance" is boring

    Yeah, I'm not going to bother with you.


    Say what you want to say but I'm sure the majority of players on the forum and in the COD community will still consider you a knob and a bad player.


    Enjoy the flaming, get your flame suit on.

  • 14. "balance" is boring

    my own noobness? lol, i just said i use it from time to time but i also said ill own any of you complainers on the internet complaining about all of this with just a gun if you were good none of this would bother you i got noob tubed did i cry to infinity ward? no and that was WAAAAAAAAY before i ever tested noob tubing, did i get shot 30 ft away with dual model 1887s? yes, but did i cry to infinity ward about it? no, i got spawn trapped several times sometimes it was overwheming and no way to fight out of it, but several times with my own gun skills i got a nuke in a spawn trap while my team was getting raped no noob tube required im not reveling oh wait i mean revealing my own noobness im exposing the **** that are really on the internet crying to robert bowling and sledgehammer on their twitter account pages UMAD? yeah

  • 15. "balance" is boring

    which call of duty community? the internet? yes that is what you mean well as i said they only account for about 4 percent tops if that of the people that own cod games, and the pc gamers are the ones youll probably mostly hear and they dont matter at all when it comes to cod which is why i even more dont see why activisions developers follow through with acting on all of these complaints.


    a bad player? lol, ill run you and your whole clan by myself whoever is in it in any cod game

  • 16. "balance" is boring

    bad idea as most of the replies are just people defending balance and thus the same people i have exposed in the above passages i have written your wasting your time if you skip what i wrote and looked at their comments its much like the people that say mw3 has nothing new in it or is the same as mw2 and skip over all that is new in the game and that is different from all the other cod games.

  • 17. "balance" is boring

    you should wright a book.

  • 18. "balance" is boring

    4%? where did you get that stat from? oh yeah your @$$. You do know that COD was originally built for the PC and later became an xbox franchise so how is it that the PC gamer "dont matter"

    You keep talking about modern warfare like it was the first COD you seem to forget the title is COD FOUR MW

    I myself play on Xbox live and will readly admit to a .6 k/d and I never call any perk or weapon over-powered I admit my mistakes when I have bad aim or when I use a poor tactic. I do not camp and I do not rush. I move and I look. I only see things that are Over-Used and even then it doesn't really bother me. Hit me with a danger-close nubetube and I'll come back with a flack jacet, riot shield, stun grenade and take you're @$$ out with my secondary.

  • 19. "balance" is boring

    SKREET thug from Mississippi blogging on a gaming website!?!?!


    Hahahah TOO FUNNY


    Sounds like a terrible excuse for your lack of "Shirley English".

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