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  • 20. "balance" is boring


  • 21. "balance" is boring

    im quite sure there will only be 3 spawn between both teams.  and of course only 3 paths to anyone place on the map.  making for less than exciting play simply because it will still be easy to bottleneck and frag fests.


    MW3 - devolved gaming experience

  • 22. "balance" is boring

    I'm writing a book right now.

  • 23. "balance" is boring

    Then don't buy it.

  • 24. "balance" is boring

    For the love of god, learn how to use a period besides the ones at the end of each... er... paragraph??  Also just because someone can get all of those things you listed, does not mean they aren't unbalanced.  Although you don't "dwell on petty crap like sentence structure and grammar" it is crucial for most comfortable or well paying jobs these days.  So it would be useful if you are still in school to learn that or teach your children that.

  • 25. Re: "balance" is boring

    Your post looks just as boring.

  • 26. Re: "balance" is boring

    To be honest, I didn't read the (what I assume to be) nonsense spewing out of the OP's post, but his basic idea isn't off.  True balance is boring, and it's boring because individuality can not exist in a truly balanced environment.  The only way to create a truly balanced game is if all the variables were identical, and well...that is pointless game design to be honest. 


    It's also not the players' fault for taking advantage of a design oversight committed by the developers.  If you're going to blame anyone, anyone at all, blame the developers for not addressing it or deciding not to address it for whatever reason.  There might be political or economic factors involved in the decision, but that doesn't change the fact that in the end, the "problems" weren't addressed.


    In my personal experiences, the games where I have the most fun are the games where everything is broken.  That in itself is ironically enough, "balanced", but more importantly, it's enjoyable to play.  It only becomes a problem when only a very select approach to the game completely dominates the rest making it virtually pointless not to use it unless you had masochistic tendencies.  (*cough*WaW*cough*)  A lot of people say they like MW 1 here, well, the M16 in that game was pretty damn "broken" when it was utilized at its highest potential, but that was ok, because there were plenty of other viable "broken" approaches that balanced it out. 


    Of course, you also run into the problem of a game that doesn't offer enough reward for the time committed to it (*cough*MW 2*cough*) because certain approaches are simply too easy to learn and master. 

  • 27. Re: "balance" is boring

    Did you expect us to read a stephen king novel? No.

  • 28. Re: "balance" is boring

    More like a Stephen King novel for kids.


    Gosh, do they not teach grammar, punctuation and the use of paragraphs these days?

    It's something I learnt back in Primary School.

  • 29. Re: "balance" is boring

    I like what you have said here. It is exactly what I think a lot when I am perusing the forum.

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