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Looking for Aus Xbox Clan

I'm looking for a clan based in Aus/NZ and play on the Xbox 360.

I'm getting the hardened edition so will be contributing 2xp to the clan.

  • Looking for Aus Xbox Clan

    Hey mate.


    I'm from NZ and I play with a clan by the name "R8TD."

    I also play with other clans just in case they need a spare player.


    We're not a serious clan (don't play gamebattles etc) but our aim in public matches is to win but also to have a good time and enjoy the game.


    I'm also buying the Hardened Edition as well.


    There isn't any stats requirements but as long as you're playing the objective and communicating with the team, it's helpful to our team.


    We are a clan of different ages, old and young. Most of us are Kiwi's but we have a handful of Aussies in our clan.

    We play domination mostly but on those days where we can't find a lobby, we play private match wager matches.


    Send me an friend request anytime.

    GT is "xNZx VIMS"


    Hope to see you join us sometime for some pub-stomping

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    I am keen for a aus clan my KD is 1.79