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Assasin Being over powered

I think that this perk will be over powered becasue it is ghost/ cold blooded and hacker. And then pair that with stalker. No. That will be the ultimate class setup along with a silenced gun in a corner camping for killstreaks. Still REALLY looking forward to the MW3!!

  • Assasin Being over powered

    Assassin*. I think this thread is useless because the game isn't out so any OP/UP arguments are ridiculous, unless something obviously was. And this is not.

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      How about we wait till the bloddy games out first eh?


      Assassin is HALF as good as it used to be as ghost, it is split up into two perk slots for starters; you have to waste Recon, SoH, extreme conditioning or scavenger in slot 1, and quick draw, blast shield, hardline or overkill in slot 2, just to have what is essentially one perk.


      There will always be a steath perk in CoD, some people prefer that playstyle, but at least it is balanced now, like SoH/quickdraw.

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    This "Assassin is OP" argument is getting way way old. I agree with everything that dstr001 said. On top of that the Recon Perk and the Recon Drone have effects that Assassin is not immune to per Robert Bowling on his twitter page. The game isn't even out yet so I think this whole OP thing needs to go away until then.

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    This thread is more retarded than Artemis Fowl fanfiction. You can't judge a game before it comes out because there's nothing to judge it on. Not even the trailers, because 90% of them are just cutscenes, and good graphics make a good game as much as good-looking actors make a good movie.

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    gee the game isn't out and there are cries of overpoweredness being tossed around.  geez no wonder gamers are considered crybabies. 


    dont worry OP, im QUITE sure there will be tons of more things to complain about when it hits shelves already broken. 

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    “Assassin isn’t this all powerful stealth perk, Recon Drone can still see / tag you and you can be tagged by Recon.” said Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward when replying to @XIBirdmanIX @thebigb82 in his Twitter account."


    Source: http://myona.com/2011/09/15/assassin-powerful-stealth-perk-mw3/