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Sorry Guys, Sniping in MW3 won't change


Hey all,


If you have been following and reading through Robert Bowling a.k.a 402 & the Stealth Clown, he responded to a tweet regarding how sniping looked much easier in MW3.


Here's the link:




I'm sure you're all be able to dechiper the tweet.


As much as I want "Quickdraw" disabled from snipers, it's not going to happen.


My advice:


Let's see how sniping turns out when we start playing MW3.


This is for quickscopers:


Let's not turn this thread into an argument & don't start any 1 vs 1 challenges with fellow community members.


We all have a right to an opinion but let's not start any of this shenanagains. Sign smiley 9


I'm just a messenger boy who uses twitter.


Cheers guys.

  • Sorry Guys, Sniping in MW3 won't change

    Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't most of the quickscoping footage from Tejbz or other well known youtubers? They will obviously make quickscoping look easy, especially when their videos could only be a limited length so they just showed their best kills. At the end of the .50 cal video he didn't go positive by much, despite the clips making it seem like it was so easy.

  • Sorry Guys, Sniping in MW3 won't change

    The % of quickscopers in comparison to other playstyles is minimal, the percentage of quickscopers who are actually good is less

    This is typical a stealthclownism


    so i read that as we added something the minority use badly but the majority hate.


    I will never understand why there is even a debate on the subject, quickscoping is the most stupid invention ever, its completely counter to what a sniper rifle is supposed to be for (although alot of the misuse can be blamed on bad map desgn and lack of actual sniping spots). 

    • Re: Sorry Guys, Sniping in MW3 won't change

      To a certain extent I can agree on what you're saying.


      Effective sniping use to be an art in the COD 1, COD 2 and possibly the COD 4 days but now it's become a montage fest.


      Kid's have been taught that hardscoping is considered "noob" and to be a skilled sniper, recording clips of your trickshots and putting dubstep music over it while your team are losing games. All trickshotters do is continuosly try to trickshot whilst allowing your team to basically losing 1, maybe 2 or 3 teammates due their main focus of getting some trickshot clips,


      This video IMO pretty much sums up trickshotters:




      I don't mind quickscopers defending the objectives but I despise all the trickshotters.

  • Re: Sorry Guys, Sniping in MW3 won't change

    I agree with fourzerotwo. Quickscopers don't bother me. Not enough people that are actally good at it out there. Quick question though. Who came up with the stealth clown thing for Mr. Bowling? I feel that's a bad rap. I think he does his best to answer as many questions as he can. People don't realize there are some things he isn't allowed to talk about.


    And if it is because of the clusterf*** that is MW2 then I def think he deserves a pass. The entire company was a mess during the initial run on that game.