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What In MW3 Do You Think Is Going To Be A Problem ?

I am a full on Call of Duty addict - love the series its the only game I play really. I will get MW3 and play the hell out of it.


With that said - having played MW3 at Call of Duty XP - I see 2 major things that I think are going to make people rage.


1. "Chaining Killstreaks" - I was SHOCKED to see this back - after all the complaints about people hiding in the corner while their Harrier got them Pavelow or Chopper Gunner - then maybe leading to Nuke I can't believe this is still in the game.  Black Ops did do some things right and forcing people to earn their kill streaks with their gun or grenades was definitely the way to go.  I think I am again going to be the guy on the team that has a special anti-air class setup and will beconstantly looking skyward.  Not sure if after release IW would consider removing the "chaining" but it should be considered.  Chaining killstreaks in my opinion lead to camping and everyone is against that.


2. Quick Scoping - seeing all the threads on here raging about it already - I don't know why it is in the game - I think Black Ops did the right thing by nerfing snipers - they did gradually give them back some speed but its still not common to be "quick scoped".  At XP - it looked to me that quick scoping is back big time and it looked pretty easy to those that use this silly gameplay mechanic.  If you don't like reading the anti-quick scopng threads you ain't seen nothing yet - wait til release.


So those are my big 2 .... anyone else see anything that concerns them ?

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