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New Clan starter No requirements (read details)


To Join ABOC (clan)

For more than just MW3

But for most badass games out there

What's ABOC? ABOC stands for A Beast On Command. ABOC is the clan i have made by myself months ago. I mainly play Xbox 360 I have PS3 and computer but I don't play those half as much as Xbox so this will mainly be an Xbox 360 clan. Yes i realize there is alot of stuff but that's because I want to get through this stuff and get to gaming with a good clan. It was just going to be me and some of my friends but they all suck and I wanted to expand with some of the community. It's a clan that's just gunna be us playing all different types of games at anytime depending on what we want to play. I am a serious player but I do screw around alot to. I play COD alot and I mean alot so we can play that a bunch and other games. I try to get every game I can and I know alot about different types of games.


Oh wait there are NONE everyone acceptable

Don't have to have any high gamerscore (Mine's 45,000)

Don't have to try out or go through any test

No age requirement

Don't need to change your gamertag


1. to not be annoying

2. To be good

3. Get along

4. Where here to have fun and most importantly WIN


You are not automatically accepted into the clan just because I want to see how you match up and what you play and see if your fun to game with and ect. Also We will win in COD im all about stats and I like to have mine great. I will not always want to play every day but most likely I will.



It's a starter clan I'm leader founder so I'm looking for a #2 and #3 and then everybody else Not a clan where you need to get on everyday and do a bunch.

Contact Me (If serious Clan joiner) On Xbox Live At My Gamertag -


Thank you for your time.